Long Stay Vacation ~ 5 days 4 night tour

Enjoy the slow travel in this green nature, soak up the sunlight and breathe in the scent of fresh mountain air
The best choice for your relaxing vacation

organic vege garden


Looking for a relaxing vacation? Wanna wake up surrounded by greenery, fresh mountain air and great food? Come to Toucheng Leisure Farm and experience the slow travel lifestyle with the traditional Taiwanese rural life and give yourself a real holiday! 

Tours Details

Price details

1. Weekdays: TWD$9,999/2 people per room;  Holidays: with additional TWD$600/room/night

2. Holiday definitions: Saturdays, national holidays, consecutive holidays (with additional TWD$600/room/night)

3. This package tour is not applicable during Chinese New Year.

4. Only 2 extra people are allowed per room with ONLY ONE kid under 6 years old is free of charge; above 6 years old paying additional of TWD$4,000/person.

5. An additional TWD$1,000/room if you want to upgrade the room type.

6. To purchase lunch: TWD$300/meal/person  (OP:TWD$400/person)
To purchase DIY activity: TWD$250/activity/person  (OP: TWD$400/person)
To purchase Cangjiu Winery creative cuisine for lunch: TWD$880/person
(Halal meals must be pre-booked and with an additional payment of TWD$150/meal/person)

7. If there’s a change of occupant during the period of stay, an additional TWD$1,000/night/person will be charged.

8. Free ONLY ONE pick-up and drop-off service at Guishan train station during the stay. An additional TWD$50/trip/person will be charged for extra pick-up/drop-off service at Guishan train station on weekdays. 

9. We encourage our guests to support eco-friendly initiative by bringing your own personal hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpast, razor, comb…) during the stay. Lets’ go green together! All our guest rooms will not be providing single-use plastic water bottles, paper cups and toiletries items. Hot and cold water dispenser will be installed in the corridor on each level for guests to use.

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