Toucheng Leisure Farm was established in 1979. A dream came true of Madame Cho, the owner and proprietor of the Farm.

Madam Cho has great passionate in nature, environment and earth’s sustainability.

Toucheng Leisure farm works hard to become a getaway for both local citizens and foreign nationals who continuously see and discover the value of life and lifestyle in an agricultural surrounding.

Madame Cho, the owner and proprietor of the farm, whose motive is health, happiness, learning experiences, and never ending creativity, has been the ever objective of the farm’s existence. The farm will provide different interesting learning activities for both local and foreign guests in a natural, and rural agricultural aspect.

The objective is to obtain a clean environment, a healthy and friendly agriculture , a good practice of recycling resources in order to meet the goal of earth’s sustainability

And the agricultural resources in the sustainable and friendly conditions under the conditions of play and use, to meet the friendly environment, healthy agriculture, recycling resources, the goal of a sustainable earth.

Each visitor of the Farm, either from near or far, child or adult, must have the feeling of “coming home” to grandma’s place.  A busy week of work can strain your energy, by making use of the weekend holidays to drive an hour and a half from Taipei City, to forget your worry is a good remedy. More than a hundred hectares of land can allow you to feel relaxed and calm in one of Taiwan’s paradise- Toucheng Leisure Farm.

Product, life and ecology, these are the three main sources of Toucheng Leisure Farm, put together, offers our visitors: mountains, forest and ecology.

With the increase in numbers of Leisure Farms and guests houses in Taiwan and competition of all kinds, through the ten years time, Toucheng Leisure Farm has survived as an ideal place for relaxation and recreation.

Madame Cho, the prime mover of the Farm, with her “childhood memories” of living with nature and enjoy its richness, has led the “going back to grandma’s home” idea. Playing happily and a feeling of what was” sown has reaped a full harvest”!

Madame Cho wishes that Toucheng Leisure Farm will be a “Farm of Life” where one loves to come; where time is endless; where life is real and each time is spent with “live” creatures. She lives her life daily at the Farm surprised and discovering using every opportunity, making it an activity for experimentation. Madame Cho wishes each child or adult who comes to the Farm will come in close contact with alive creatures, eat happily and enjoy nature.

Toucheng Leisure Farm is hopeful for a bright future full of aspirations that will continually serve the needs of both locals and foreigners alike with regards to nature and agriculture.

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