Regular Tours

One Day Tour Fun at the Farm

Experience the warm hospitality of the countryside. Savoring the hot fish ball soup noodles, sweet glutinous rice balls, making a unique creation of T-shirt printing while following the tour guide around the Farm to learn about ecology.

Bring home a hand full of food memories made DIY – agricultural products

Classic 2 Days 1 Night Enriching Farm Tour

Indulge yourself in the middle of nature and experience a series of enriching nature-friendly activities, while enjoying a leisure stay in our simple yet cozy room.

Here you can savour the hot fish ball Tann-ah noodle soup, sweet glutinous rice balls and other delicious traditional Taiwanese desserts. Our hospitable and outgoing tour guides will bring you to the eco-tour, showing you the real characteristics of rural farming village and the fantastic natural ecology.

The 2-day tour will definitely leave you fond memories of good food and lots of fun.

2 Days 1 Night Wine Aromatic Holiday

Pleasantly enjoy the wine and tasty meals with nature-richest surrounding.

Cangjiu Winery is the first Yilan County’s licensed private winery. Nestled in a 120 hectares of mountain forest land, the winery ferments different types of wine in four seasons by using the fresh and pure mountain water from Xueshan Range.


Toucheng Leisure Farm Deluxe 3 days 2 nights tour

Come to the countryside to experience the warm hospitality of the country,
Experience the warm rural life, rich agricultural experiences,
Enjoy the winery’s 3 days tour, letting you and your family enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle, good food and treasured moments together.

Toucheng Leisure Farm Classic 3 days 2 nights tour

Come to experience the warm hospitality of the countryside,
Experience the warm rural life, rich agricultural experiences,
Cangjiu Winery manor tour …
Toucheng Leisure Farm’s three days classic trip, so you can experience the ear slow-paced, comfortable life with good food tour.

Muslim Friendly Restaurant

by Crescentrating The World's Leading Authority on Halal Travel

Exclusive Muslim Friendly Farm Resort
Offering Halal meals in Banquet & Buffet style
Complimentary 1.5 hrs farm tour while dining with us
Lunch & dinner available all year round

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